Fire Mitigation & Wildfire Hazard Assessments

  Unfortunately, wildfires in Colorado can occur at pretty much any time of the year with early spring and late summer/fall being the most critical times of the year for an intense fire to start. With thousands of hours of experience in suppressing, managing, and controlling active wildfires all over the country, we at Berven Forestry, have a unique perspective on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to preparation for a wildfire event. While a large part of the front range has now burned in the past decade or so, there are still many areas which are unburned and full of debris and combustible fuels.

  With foresters educated at Colorado State University and experienced firefighters on staff, we offer services in clearing out hazardous fuels on forested properties along the northern front range and providing our customers with wildfire hazard assessments based on the location, aspect, and tree density of their properties. We offer these services individually or as a pair based on our customers needs. With a large number of properties along the front range impacted by the recent wildfires, we offer hazardous tree mitigation and felling and/or removing fire weakened trees on those properties.

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