Firewood Sales

  As a forestry company who prides itself on being a good steward of the environment, we work to minimize the waste we produce from jobs and strive to reuse as much of the wood as possible. This has led us to the creation of our firewood department where we provide several different varieties of firewood to our customers. We accommodate our customer’s needs by delivering as little as ¼ cord of firewood to the occasional user on up to multiple cords for those who use firewood primarily to heat their homes and businesses.

Our firewood varieties are grouped into 3 categories for convenience. We have a softwood category which is primarily comprised of Pine, Spruce, and Fir wood. Secondly, we have a light hardwood category, which includes Aspen, Cottonwood, Willow and Poplar. Thirdly, we have a dense hardwood category, which includes Ash, Elm, Maple, Locust, Oak and Fruit tree woods. All of the firewood we deliver is split, dry and ready to burn unless specified otherwise and most pieces are cut to within 13” – 16” length.

Common Firewood Measurements:
¼ Cord (32 cubic feet): 16” x 4’ x 6’ stack
1/3 Cord aka Face Cord (43 cubic feet): 16” x 4’ x 8’ stack
½ Cord (64 cubic feet): 16” x 4’ x 12’ stack
1 Cord (128 cubic feet): 16” x 4’ x 24’ stack

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