Forest Thinning

  While forest thinning is often synonymous with fire mitigation practices, forest thinning is also a common forestry health practice that promotes stronger and larger trees. Besides removing the smaller and unhealthier trees from the forest, forest thinning can be very helpful in improving habitat for wildlife and diversity of plant life by increasing the available sunlight and moisture that gets through the forest canopy. Thinning the forest out and creating a more park-like atmosphere is also generally more aesthetically pleasing to individuals from a visual standpoint when compared with a view of a dense forest.

With the amount of beetle killed trees in the forest and many years of fire suppression that have kept the forest from being naturally cleaned out, we understand that there is a need to mechanically clear out the forest on certain properties. If you are thinking about having work done to clear out your forested property, we would enjoy the opportunity to come up and discuss with you what kind of work you’re thinking about having done. We would make sure that one of our foresters sit down with you and comes up with a comprehensive forest health plan prior to conducting any work on your property.

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