Stump Grinding

Whether you have a stump from a recently removed tree or a bunch of stumps from years of yard maintenance, we have the capability to help you reclaim your yard. Our stump grinder is a tracked self-propelled unit with a width of 33 inches, which allows us to access almost any yard and leave minimal impact on the lawn. Whether you have one giant 10-foot cottonwood stump, a “forest” of medium stumps or even just one small stump, we can provide you with a quote to fully remove the stump and all associated roots to about 6-10 inches below surface level.
Our service typically involves removing all excess debris from the stump grinding operation while leaving the hole full of mulch and dirt. However, we are happy to accommodate our customer’s requests and can remove all the grindings or leave them behind as desired. No stump is too big or too small for us to handle and we look forward to assisting you in reclaiming your yard from that ugly stump taking up your valuable yard space.

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