Tree Health Consultations & Treatments

With the variety of tree species planted along the front range of Colorado, we see a fairly large array of pests and ailments affecting trees here. We work with individual homeowners as well as businesses and organizations who manage many trees to assess the health of their trees and come up with long term care plans to reduce the chance of infestation or infection. While the treatment of an occurring infection can be successful, preventative treatment is much more likely to be successful in keeping a tree healthy and strong in the long term.
We offer treatment options for a variety of different pests including the emerald ash borer, ips beetles, scale insects, aphids, etc. Additionally, we can provide your tree with supplements to alleviate mineral and nutrient deficiencies which in turn will lead to healthier trees that are more resilient and resistant to pests. When we encounter an ailment or pest that we are not as familiar with, we work with the CSU extension service and local forestry departments to identify the culprit and come up with a plan or system for treatment.

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