Tree Removal

While trees are highly valued for their shade, aesthetics, natural and intrinsic value, sometimes it’s necessary to remove them for one reason or another. At times a single event or a series of events such as a storm, old age, disease, pest damage, environmental factors or a safety concern can lead to a tree needing to be removed. We at Berven Forestry understand the difficult choices that go into making the decision to remove a tree and we will provide you an honest and straight forward assessment of what your best, short and long term options are. Whether it’s in the forest or in town, we have the knowledge, skill and technical capabilities to remove most trees we look at and if it’s a job we don’t feel comfortable attempting, then we will gladly direct you to a trustworthy company who can assist you further.

Having worked in the forests of Colorado for many seasons both on and off wildfires, we have extensive knowledge of the different tree species in the forest and can assist you in making decisions on whether to remove a tree(s) that has been damaged or weakened either by fire, storm or by other means. We frequently have customers who want to keep some or all of the wood from a tree removal for use as firewood and we work diligently to affordably accommodate their needs and desires. As responsible stewards of the environment, we work hard to limit our waste and we work to ensure that most of our debris is recycled or reused in one way or another.

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